Let’s Get Started Ya’ll

Someone once told me “if you got something to say…just say it.” So here I go….I’m a technical freak from Alabama..yes Alabama. I’ve worked in IT in some form for the past 20 years..From Massachusetts to Alabama. And I’ve loved every minute of it. I worked at a help desk, been a Vice President and own a few online businesses. So am I a geek…not really sure..actually I hate the term. What does that mean? I’m including it in the domain, because I thought it was catchy. I tried blogging years ago, but I decided to stop and focus on making money on the web. So, I’m back..a little wiser and much more focused. I’ll have a mixture in this experiment. I’ll post about my experience with ringcentral or reading 80/20. So that’s it Ya’ll! Lets get started

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