IOS 7, is it Worth it?


Yes, I think the upgrade is very worth it. The slick new user interface and quickness made it a must for me. A few things I noticed:


Make sure you backup all your images. On my iPad, it told me it needed an additional 2.5 Gigs  in order to install.


It wanted to conect my facetime account with my email and my phone number. I know its always been that way, but the wording was a little confusing. Maybe this one was just me.

Battery Life..or lack of.

The battery on my iPhone 5, was at 50%, by noon (thats would 100% at 8am). Things got better after I disabled wireless and bluetooth. It got much better when I reduced the brightness. This site helped me out: iOS 7 Battery Life Draining Too Fast? It’s Easy to Fix

Here are some good links to help you get the most out of IOS7:

20 iOS7 Wallpapers That Look Great On Your iPad/iPhone

The Four Essential Tips to Get Started with iOS 7

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What is IFTTT and why you must use it!

If you haven’t heard of IFTTT, you need check it out .IFTTT (pronounce “ift”)  is a service that basically lets you…well. Put it this way IFTTT stand for IF This Than That.  Which means I can create little scripts or recipes that do little IF statements. So for example,  I want to post every Facebook status to Linkin, then I can create a little recipe for that.

I know many people will say “Well I can already do that”, and you can, but IFTTT makes it super easy. So think of the possibilities.  Want to tweet every time you add a new picture to Facebook. Or maybe you want to have a text sent every morning to tell you how great you are…we have a recipe for that. With an IOS app, that makes things so much easier, this is a must try.  Here is a list of some of my recipes.

Check it out. See what kind of crazy and useful recipes you can create.