Best Places to find Desktop Wallpapers

One of my favorite things to do is change my wallpaper. Now I’m taking about changing by desktop wallpaper. I find that an amazing desktop background can really make my day and calm me after that crazy phone call. Also with a widescreen display, its almost like have a picture frame on your desktop. I’ve even taken it a step further with a dual display. I use a program called Display Fusion to really step things up with my dual display and desktops. It does an excellent job at managing displays and tweaking things. Sometimes, it feels like they are updating it every week, but that’s a good thing. You can scale, stretch, crop, and tile your wallpaper across both display. Its just a pretty cool app. It also lets you pull images from various image databases. Speaking of image databases, my favorite is It is one of  the best places to find desktop wallpapers. The quantity of images is sick. I use to be a big guy, but the ads got on my nerves. Also, I couldn’t tell if it was marketplace, subscription site, or a free database. But it’s still worth a look.

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